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  • Colour is one of the most important components in creating brand identity.

    One of the best features of Sumo Print and Design Group is our digital and offset printing technology that allows you to print perfect colour every time.

  • Creating a unique look and feel for your project has never been easier!

    Sumo Print and Design Group are leading the industry with the latest innovation in black and white printing offering more solid blacks on a greater range of textured stocks.

  • We create unique solutions that help to convey your message to your end users. If people can’t comprehend your campaign, they’re not going to buy your product. A good design will enhance customer clarity and therefore increase the number of consumers.

Hello from Sumo!

We are a dynamic team, excited to offer over 40 years of combined print and design expertise and dedication to quality service.

We are happy to visit you to discuss your print and design requirements or we invite you to Sumo Print and Design Group, conveniently located at Unit 1B, 89 Wynnum Road, Norman Park, just 8 kms drive from the CBD.

Thinking Green

At Sumo Print and Design Group we have taken a conscious step to reduce our impact on the environment.

Need Printing?

From “hello” to “here’s your printing”, your print requests will be handled with tailored and efficient service, and produced with the latest printing technology.

Design Dramas?

Use the strength of our experience to have a design or campaign that performs well for you, and your bank account.